Answers to frequently asked questions

quaility assured replacement windows Will replacement doors and windows add value to my home?
In short, yes. Correctly specified replacement timber windows and doors will enhance the visual appeal of a property and maintain or improve its value. Whilst poor quality non-timber units can adversely affect value. However, we also now offer extremely high quality timber alternatives with the look and feel of natural wood. Correctly specified and installed, these are a viable option that is also likely to add value to your home.

How does secondary glazing work?
Instead of completely replacing windows or doors with more efficient double-glazed units, secondary glazing involves basically installing another window or door internally, behind the existing ones. Designed to be unobtrusive, this is an ideal solution if existing windows and doors are in reasonable condition, but additional insulation is required. The work is minimal in impact, and in almost all circumstances will mean that no redecoration is required. As the external appearance remains 'as was', high quality secondary glazing is also ideal for listed buildings and similar applications.

Do you just install windows and doors?
The majority of our work is supplying and fitting replacement windows and doors. Our installation teams have enormous experience and work to the highest standards. We are also able to supply units for your own builder to fit. In addition to replacement doors and windows, we supply and fit secondary glazing and also offer a range of internal window shutters.

Are your products guaranteed?
Yes. We guarantee against rot and for the quality of finishes of timber products. Non-timber products all carry comprehensive warranties. Please click here for full details of the warranty.

How does the custom design door online process work?
Our door designer page allows you to custom design a replacement door to your exact specifications and requirements. The process is all carried out online and you can save your design to return to it later, or change any part of it. There is no commitment and once you are happy with the design, you can submit it and we will get back to you quickly with a quotation to supply or supply and fit.

How long does delivery take?
Windows and doors are custom made to your specifications. Generally, expect in the region of eight weeks from survey to delivery, though some units can be supplied and fitted significantly faster. Please contact us with your requirements and we will be able to give you an accurate estimate for delivery and fitting time.

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